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Intune desktop script

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Hey everyone running into a bit of an issue here,

I have made and installed a desktop Icon via an Intune script to everyone's computer using NielsKok Techs website. All but a handful of them are working, the error I'm getting is "The application was not detected after installation completed successfully (0x87D1041C)".


I would have suspected the detection script to have been wrong but with only a few not installing properly I'm not really sure where to even begin.

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Hi @Zrace 

Did you check a PC with the error not have it? Are you using file or folder exists for detection method? You may need to change it script and then upload below:





$shortcutName = "Intranet Shortcut" 
if (Test-Path -Path "$Env:Public\Desktop\$shortcutName.lnk"){
    Write-Output "0"
Try to open a powershell session as system (32 bits... as the IME is 32 bits) and if you deployed the app as system :P) and try to execute that powershell detection script to find out what happens.

I also assume you deployed that shortcut to the public desktop?


It executes perfectly on my end of things, but for some users I get error messages saying it successfully installed but couldn't be detected (detected on others) or that the program timed out in Azure


that would be correct, shortcut to public desktop!