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Intune Deployment of MSI with CMD File

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The following situation: I would like to order a large number of Jabra headsets for an investor group. There is a software package that can be downloaded from the Jabra Xpress Portal for Business and then deployed. This package consists of an MSI file with the program and a CMD file, which should be opened directly on the computer for installation. The CMD file is directed to the MSI and at the same time gives the MSI the URL on which server the software should subsequently register. The software then retrieves the settings configured online accordingly and automatically sets up all headsets connected to the PC to the company standard.
My problem now is, of course, that I can't just deploy the MSI via intune, since the URL is not included there. The installation then also fails accordingly.

How can I install the MSI via the CMD file.
I had the idea of ​​downloading the MSI into the C drive via a policy and then using a powershell to run the link and the installation.

The installation then takes place naturally silently.


Thanks in advance!

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Converting the MSI to a win32 app with the intunewinapputil?


Quit funny that I don't have a blog about how to use it but.. then again.. a lot of people already have done a blog about it


Deploy customized Win32 apps via Microsoft Intune – All about Microsoft Endpoint Manager (petervande...

Got it now, easier than I thought. I didn't think of it, that I can simply copy the installation command from the exe into the installation command.


Here is a rough download pack from Xpress.pdfdoc for setting up. We have to make this doc anyway. You can use it as a template your creation.



Just for the record:

Since it's an .msi it's also quite easy to create a uninstall.cmd.
To do this you need to figure out the Product-GUID of the .msi package.

It can be either found in one of the Registry Uninstall-Hives:





Or alternatively also be queried via Powershell:


get-wmiobject Win32_Product | Sort-Object -Property Name |Format-Table IdentifyingNumber, Name, LocalPackage -AutoSize



Once you have found the Product-GUID of your Jabra-Xpress .msi Package you just could create another .cmd batch like this:


And add it to your intunewin package like this:



Works of course not only for Jabra Xpress but for any .msi package.

This way you can also uninstall the package via Intune again, if necessary.

Keep in mind that you might have to do it separately for the x64 and the x86 .msi packages - if you want to use both - as the Product-GUID's will most likely differ. I would also recommend you to use the Product-GUID in Intune as the detection rule.