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We are currently wanting to deploy Intune Autopilot so users can unbox the machines and have Horizon View on their desktops and launch Horizon View and connect to all their applications.


So, in such scenario do we have to 


1. Join these OOBE computers to join our domain (On Prem)?

2. What if we join them to   Azure AD? As, the Group policies are being applied to Horizon View desktops which they will launch from this OOBE machine?

3.  What in future if we have to use Microsoft Windows 365 desktops?


Harm, if you are seeing this post, I did not mention about the Horizon View desktop that will be accessed through these new computers that are being Autopiloted into Intune. So, I am looking into this scenario how we would do this and also, I was told ZScaler ZPA trusted root certificate is involved in-between and I am wondering how that would work.


[So, in a nutshell for now our goal shoule we still join the laptops/desktops as Azure AD joined / Hybrid AD Joined machines ? As everything else is being accessed through Horizon View within these laptops / desktops.

Future, we want to move to Microsoft W365 Desktops and access the virtual desktops through these Azure AD Joined devices.] 

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I think you should join the computers using Autopilot to Aure AD, use a Configuration Profile to distribute the trusted root certificate and install any software needed for Horizon View with the configuration in it so that users can click an icon on thier desktop to start. This way you will have a managed Azure AD computer on which you later connect from to W365 desktops. (And you can also manage those with Intune too)

Again, please don't use Hybrid Join for machines if you're moving away from Active Directory in the future and have no real need to be Active Directory joined.
Totally agree and I can confirm that Horizon View will work fine in this setup.

Just a heads-up: the Horizon View client is/was available as a UWP app but that is no longer maintained. Also, you can repackage the installer (strip x86-stuff and unused add-ons) to eliminate more than 60% of the download.
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