Intune dashboards not updating

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I've currently trying to tidy up our Intune which has never really been used. I've removed a couple of test devices last month and added a few policies before enrolling a new device. The new device is appearing when I drill down however the dashboards do not seem to be updatingAnnotation 2020-05-14 154719.png

Does anyone know why this is not updating and if there is a way to enforce it?




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It should update dynamically when your devices check in with Intune. Could you force your new devices to sync with Intune? I suspect this will invoke to update on Dashboard.

Hope this helps!

@Moe_Kinani Thanks Moe. Please see the pic below which is the All Devices screen. This is reflecting the actual situation where we have 1 device which is correctly checking in

Hi Marky,

This confirms the first screenshot, do you see the Windows Device under Windows Devices?

First screenshot saying that the last update for enrolled devices on Apr 18 which might be the time you enrolled Android or Windows Device. If you enroll new device that dashboard will change with newer date.

If you like to have rich reporting views, I recommend using PowerBI and pull real time reports.

Hope this helps!

My screenshot attached shows the last update when I enrolled new Windows Device on May 6.

My devices have been checking in for the past two weeks but the most recent update of the devices overview shows it updated last on 5/4/2020.

I've left it over the weekend and the dashboards have updated. Thanks