Intune Connector for Active Directory Service - renew Microsoft Intune ODJ Connector CA cert

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I have installed Intune Connector for Active Directory Service on 09/20/2020, it installs SSL cert with CN=Microsoft Intune ODJ Connector CA, this certificate is going to expire on 02/05/2021

Will that cert be automatically renewed, if not, how can i renew it manually ?

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It should automatically updates, sometimes network blocks the update if the sever doesn’t have access to below for automatic update.

Port: 443

Please use the url below to learn more on how to update automatically or manually.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, yes I read that article before posting question. I can access to, and that article confirms that I need to reinstall connector if I want to update certificate "The process to manually update a certificate connector is the same for reinstalling a connector."


I'll wait by the end of month and if nothing changes, I'll reinstall connector