Intune Company Portal app vs My Apps

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Hello everyone,


I'm little bit confused where should I go with Microsoft Mobile Apps.

Some of users says that Intune Company portal is where you should go and I think I would like to use Microsoft My Apps portal.


Intune Company Portal:


Microsoft My Apps


We have deployed to the customers portal and this Intune Company Portal not even show apps which are deployed trhu My Apps portal.


Planning and implementing out of the box experience with Windows 10 + Azure EMS + Office 365 scenario. Where end users can buy computers from self-service portal and when device arrives they can set it up without Service Desk or on-site support.




Br, Joonas


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This depends on the situation, and how you would like to enable access to those Apps.

While "My Apps" is based on applications made available through Azure AD, with different sign-in methods, the apps in Company Portal are mainly Apps from the App Store/Google Play or Weblinks that you made available through MS Intune.


My Apps:

  • Seamless login experience
  • Federated Company Applications, configured through Azure AD
  • Access applications configured for SSO

Company Portal:

  • Apps from App Store/Google Play
  • Useful web links
  • Refresh company policies etc.
  • Install Applications

I marked the main difference in Bold. Hope this helps! 

Hi Karim,

Thanks! This helps!

Br, Joonas

is there an article on those differences? Also, from what I can see, apps in either, are effectively different, and require management of each. Say we setup a LOB app in 'apps' ; its different than that setup in intune apps.