Intune blocking Android native app to work

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I currently have intune configured and all working well. What I realised is that if a user tries to configure mail on their Android native mail app it keeps asking to enrol even though the user is already enrolled. Any help on what I can do?

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Any Help please?

Please note that the Require approved client apps is un checked and still asking me to enrol....

Hi @BENT17 


Is it asking to enrol as a Device Administrator?


If so it sounds like the default mobile device mailbox policy is the cause of your issue.







Its showing me the following:


Help us keep your device secure


Your sign-in was successful, but your admin requires your device to be managed by ************** to access this resource


Please note I am using Office 365

@BENT17 are you using Android Enterprise with work profile?

No I am not
Do you have any conditional access policies requiring the use of Modern authentication or approved client applications?

Any screenshots would also be useful.

You should also reconsider the use of Android Device Admin for a number of reasons, urgency will depend on management requirements, devices models and OS (current and updates).

Read up on device admin deprecation below.



Yes and they are both not ticked.. 

Did you ever find a solution to this?

@BENT17 Same problem here.  I have turned off all my conditional access rules, my test account does not have any other policies applied to it.

@Andrew Liggett Same issue for us.