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Dear Forum Members,

I have configured Zoom Room app under the Autonomous single app mode setting in device restriction profile following the below Zoom support link. The enrollment profile is for Supervised device with no user affinity. The idea is to enroll the DEP iPads with Intune and launch Zoom Room in a single app mode.


The enrollment worked fine and iPad launched into Zoom Room automatically as well. The problem is that iPad isn't locked into the Zoom Room app. You can still press home button to exit.


Where else should I need to configure to lock the iPad into the App?

The Autonomous single app mode setting in the device restriction is the only profile I applied, as well as the Zoom Room app. I haven't done anything else with the iPad. Do I also need to deploy the Company Portal app?


Thank you all.

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Thanks @Thijs Lecomte. I will try the Kiosk Mode instead of ASAM

Hi @Thijs Lecomte, the Kiosk mode seems work but how do you exit the App for the support team, without we changing config on the Intune?

It seems that the iPad is locked in that App for good. We want to replicate the Guided Access experience: normal user cannot exit the App, but IT staff can exit the App with a passcode.

Intune doesn't currently support that as far as I know
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I have made the ASAM mode working for the Zoom Room app. You need to enable the Autonomous mode from Zoom Web Portal. Once deployed Zoom Room app to iPad and applied Device Restriction to configure the ASAM mode, you then need to launch the Zoom Room app and sign in to activate. Once you signed into the Zoom Room app, you will be locked within the App. The only way to exit the single app mode is to sign out with a code, which is configured on the Zoom Web Portal. Once you signed out, you gain full access to iPad, just like Guided Access.

@Thijs Lecomteis there a way to do per-app exception?  The Scenario is:  Devices coming from Apple Business Manager and using "Device Affinity" profile in Intune.  So they are user-less type of ipads and want to launch zoom cloud meeting app in locked mode.  All that works and Zoom cloud meetings open up however when you try to join the meeting, the app doesnt have access to Microphone or camera so you really only hear as app is locked into kiosk and you can't go to settings to allow Mic/camera.  is there anyway to allow exceptions for apps that use Mic/camera?


The use of ASAM, you have to initiate the session yourself as it doesnt automatically start.  is that correct?  Also you have to setup ASAM on all the rooms setup under zoom and have to configure ASAM on Intune, in order to have it locked during the session.  is that correct?

There is no way AFAIK.
You could try to create an app configuration policy which sets the correct permissions. You should check if that's available