Intune app install error 0x3B01

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I'm trying to install Microsoft 365 Apps for windows and I'm getting a error (see below). I can find any information on the error code.  Has anyone seen it before or have a remedy?
App installation failed
3/10/2021 9:22:07 AM
Error code: 0x3B01
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I have the exact same issue. I found this bug post (, but not sure if it is really this... On the App Monitor, under Device install status it is marked as "Failed" too. On the device the app is installed and can be normally used... However, I noticed, that M365 Apps is only installed in German (I have selected only German in the App config, but on other device it was installed in German and in English).


Do someone have more details about this issue?
How may I reforce the installation of the App from Intune?


Many thanks in advance.

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Hi, This error is indeed not documented I guess. I am indeed curious if the app Is installed and only reporting as failed or does the app isn't installed at all?

And if the ms 365 apps are totally not installed, what happens with a different device on a different network ? To rule out firewall rules and are you using a different av instead of the build in defender?


The app was installed on the device and could normally be used by the user.

I asked the user to manually uninstall the app from the device and wait until it was again automatically installed by Intune. This worked, and now the app is shown as successfuly installed in Intune too.

So this was maybe the bug described in the previous linked I posted.

@Basbei it seems like what was hapepning to use was that during an o365 update if the user didnt have a great internet connection the update would fail. A restart and re-sync would usually fix it, or you might have to wait a while if the internet connection was weak.