Intune App deployment

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How to initiate app deployment from enduser machine to get assigne apps from Intune periodically?

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Can you share more input in your question?
Is your goal to have the client check into-intune to retrieve its apps on a regular bases(which it does).
Or do you want the application to only exist during a certain amount of time on the client?


Yes client have to check for regular basis any idea what  is the interval it does. If there is way to intiate a sync at regular intervals with specific to app id is will help alot. 

"Last check in: Should be a recent time and date. By default, Intune devices check in every 8 hours.

If Last check in is more than 24 hours, there may be an issue with the device. A device that can't check in can't receive your policies from Intune.

To force check-in:

On the Android device, open the Company Portal app > Devices > Choose the device from list > Check Device Settings.
On the iOS/iPadOS device, open the Company portal app > Devices > Choose the device from list > Check Settings.
On a Windows device, open Settings > Accounts > Access Work or School > Select the account or MDM enrollment > Info > Sync."


Is this what your looking for?