Intune Android Teams and chrome app issue

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We started enrolling employee phones on intunes. For some reason android phones have weird issue with teams app. When they open teams under work profile, go to calls then click contacts to call someone from phone contacts, they select the the contact from the phone directory and then nothing happens.
Also they are not able sync chrome bookmarks on work profile as well. Anyone saw this issue before? Not sire if we are missing some config
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I read the question wrong, let me update this


Are there any app protection policies or restriction policies we need to beware of?





There is no restriction or protection policy configured yet and it works fine on ios.

I have also attached the video of what happens during the process when user tries to call someone on his personal contact directory through Teams on work profile. I can also send you my Intune config for android







Mmmm it somehow looks like an issue We had with outlook, but we had app protection applied so we needed to change some permissions.. 


As it looks very much like app protection, prevent data sharing :)  between your work profile and personal profile.... I guess I need to fetch me myself an android device :) 




@Rudy_Ooms_MVP  I have attached the current policy for our android phones, seems like outlook cannot access the contacts either, any help is appreciated.

Policy body(Screenshot):  

Android Compliance policy:




App Config Policy: only being applied to test android user