Intune, Android, Google Mobile Services and China!

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Hi all,


Just reaching out to the community to see if anyone has managed to securely provide access to company data in apps such as Outlook and Teams for Android/Harmony users based in China?


In the last few years, China has increased the level of control over some services and, as an example, Google Mobile Services (GSM), meaning that Google Play Store is unavailable and our employees in China cannot enrol their device using the Company Portal – applicable to Android and Harmony OS


Currently, GSM can be downloaded from other app stores, such as Baidu, Lenovo, Huawei and OPPO; however, 'Android Device Administrator', a workaround in InTune for China, has stopped working for devices running Android version 10 and newer.


In China, it's becoming a challenge for our colleagues who purchase newer Android/Harmony devices. As a company, we would like to ensure that employees can access company Emails and Teams on their devices.

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