InTune + Android Fully Managed + Google Workspace

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Hi All,

We've recently started utilising Android enrollment on our devices, we've got our Identity synced between MS & Google Workspace, so all of our O365 users have Google Workspace accounts,


We're currently testing the process in a Fully Managed Device, using Android Enterprise. We'll also do BYOD in the near future.


We're struggling to find a solution that will let us sign into the Google Workspace account on the Android devices. Currently we're seeing that the Play Store has a random Android for Work - Google address assigned.


Ideally we'd love to get the enrollment process to sign into Google services automatically with the InTune email address(which should then go to MS for Auth and come back as logged in), but at a minimum we'd be happy allowing the account to be added as a Managed Account based on domains that we choose(although having an option to just say all domains within the tenancy would be a thousand times easier).

Removing the Block on personal Google accounts in the Device Configuration leaves us open to users adding their actual personal accounts which we don't really want unless they're using a separate app like the dedicated Gmail App - we will use Outlook for Android for Corporate Email.


We also don't want users buying apps with their personal accounts on corporate devices.


Any insight is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance. 

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