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INtune and Teamviewer

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I have setup a teamviewer Connector in MS endpoint manager and after i connected to a managed iPhone then the only thing i could see that i can request screen shots, share screen, transfer a file, import config file ( XML ) but i can not manage the iOS settings in spite of i read on some MS sites that the intune admin can do list of actions on iOS. Did i miss anything in the setup may be that i can not manage the iOS settings?


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Sarmad Nazar

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AFAIK iOS and iPadOS are far behind when it comes to remote control and teamviewer.

Here are some links that might help you:


TeamViewer User Guide for Intune - TeamViewer Support
How can I share the screen on my iPad/iPhone with TeamViewer? - TeamViewer Support


If you want to manage iOS settings, you can do that with configuration profiles for iOS in Intune. Don't use remote control for that. 


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My need is how can I connect remotely to a managed IPhone or IPad and do support the user in case they report any issue on their device that they can not solve by them selves ?

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@Sarmad15 I understand what you are looking for, but I think you should raise that question on the Teamviewer forum. The integration with Intune is not the problem here, it's the features of Teamviewer. It might also depend on your Teamviewer License. 


In the Microsoft docs you will also be redirected to the teamviewer support site in case of features on mobile devices. 


I have tried Teamviewer for iOS a year ago, and the features that you described where all I got. I was bumped too. Android support seems to be more developed than iOS for now. 


this article might be your best shot for now. It is using the broadcast/screencast feature on iOS.