Intune and company portal reference

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Hi all, 

Does anyone have information about Intune and Company portal that are directed at security administrators and auditors? 

I need to know a few things, and I cannot find my answer anywhere. 


  • What's the architecture behind Intune - how is it redundant, how is it backed up? (Not talking about the configuration or "front-end" architecture, but the instance)
  • Does Company portal support encrypted communication with mutual certificate based authentication? 
  • How does Company portal encrypt the communication to Intune?

Instead of answering these questions, I would love it if there was some sort of whitepaper or techical reference on Company portal. If someone could point me in that direction I would be truly grateful.

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Hi @PhilipN,


As you know Intune is a SaaS application and therefore the vendor (Microsoft) is responsible to run the infrastructure and does not provide installation documentation for customers as they are not necessary. Those docs would give you the insights you are searching for, but again it is a SaaS product and therefore infrastructure lies in the hand of the vendor.

You just buy and use the software. In general for SaaS software you have less insight how something is build. The service is built by a trusted vendor and you normally chose this vender based on trust. To build this trust you can also have a look into the service trust portal from Microsoft and review the trust documents for all their offerings there:


For Intune there is also a very good blog series written by Brad Anderson here:


Your particular questions regarding Company Portal are not documented somewhere as far as I know. In this case you have to get in touch with Microsoft directly to clarify if you get deeper insights there.