installing prem pro package via intune

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Hi all,


Was wondering if you can help me! I am trying to use the MSI to install prem pro on devices once I have created a .intunewin file but doesnt seem to push out to the devices its been 24 hours and nothing no pending or anything. 

Screenshot 2021-07-23 at 8.40.02 AM.png

Once I go to managed apps via the device I can see it there but all it has said is required install. 


any ideas where I am going wrong!

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What happens when you add the possibility and try to install the app manually by configuring the app also as available in Intune?
Actually I dont think this works after trying to even install it manually! Think I need to create a win32 app but use the exe as the focus and somehow figure out the install and uninstall commands!
Hi to be sure?
because you are also talking about an intunewinfile in your question, I was in the understanding you converted the whole folder with the msi file of course to a win32 app? could you give some more information what you did ?

Hi Rudy,

So originally I created the win32 with the whole folder and pointed it to the msi to create the intunewinfile but this hasnt worked after just testing on the device locally I have ran the MSI which also didnt work so ran the set up file instead which worked perfectly so I need to figure out on how to create the win32 app pointing to the EXE

If I use the setup.exe in IntuneWinAppUtil would the install command on intune be setup.exe -s?

What would the uninstall be?
I will try to take a look at the question and reply tomorrow
Thank you Rudy!

SO the setup.exe is the actual installation file and the msi file in it can't be used (even not manually)
Could you send me a download link so I can take a look at what your options are. I guess you want to deploy it automatically instead of the users need to manually push the install button on the company portal?
it can be hard to make sure the exe file is installed silently
I have PM you the download link. Yes automatically rather than manual. Thank you for this
Hi did you get chance to look at the download link I sent you with the package I want to create a intune package with? I’m still struggling
Hi Rudy,
I have tried the following but still no luck any ideas?

Install command:
build\setup.exe --silent
Uninstall command:
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Creative Cloud\Utils\Creative Cloud Uninstaller.exe” /verysilent /norestart