Installing Intune and Airwatch on the same Android device

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I have a friend whose company runs #Intune, and she has her phone encrypted and runs Intune Company portal to manage her apps / mail access. She is working for a client who use #Airwatch as their MDM and need that installed for their email accesss. Would coexistence create problems, or is this generally fine? Any pointers would be appreciated.

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Co-existence of more than one MDM Provider (Device Administrator) is possible for Android devices but not something I would recommend in general. If a device contains multiple enabled admin applications, the strictest policy is enforced. There is no way to target a particular admin application.


For iOS Devices you will fail to enroll a second Device Management profile, as the device is only allowed to be enrolled into one solution.

I've ran into similiar issues before, I choose which provider depending on which company paid for the users phone. If it's a personal phone the user will have to choose.