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Just create a install.cmd containing .\WacomTablet_6.3.46-1.exe /s and a uninstall.cmd containing "%ProgramFiles%\Tablet\Wacom\32\Remove.exe" /u /s , Put those in a directory together with the WacomTablet_6.3.46-1.exe and create a intunewin package from that.( )

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Hi @AB21805


Can you be more specific? What is your problem? 


If you want to know how to install it? Do the following steps.

Prepare a Win32 app to be uploaded to Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Docs 


1. Download driver

2. Convert the installation file to an Intunewin file. Upload file to Intune win32 app.


3. Set the following application settings:


Installation command: WacomTablet_6.3.46-1.exe /s

Uninstall command: %ProgramFiles%\Tablet\Wacom\32\Remove.exe /u /s


Detection method: File or folder exist: %ProgramFiles%\Tablet\Wacom\32\Remove.exe


4. Set Assignment

5. install driver from Intune.


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Please explain what steps are you following to deploy it?
If there is any error message, then share the error message and error code (if any).
Did you manage to get the driver installed like this?
Hi I haven’t had chance yet as Iv gone away for a few days! but will let you know once I have some point this week! :)