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Hi all,


I am having so much issues installing Prem pro using the exe as the setup file and install/uninstall commands. I was thinking is it possible to create a script which is used to run on the devices to push the install of the setup.exe? 


By this I mean send all the prem pro package files to the devices via intune then get the script which is also pushed out to devices to install Prem pro silently? Surely Prem Pro can be pushed to intune devices I cant find help anywhere or any guides to do this! 


Please help!



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Hi, I hoped I had the time to dig into it ... but I guess my kids and girlfriend needed some quality time on vacation... but I am back.. Will try to look into this this weekend
Hi Rudy!

Hope you had a good time off/vacation! The link I PM you may not work let me know I will send again if you need to test with
when it comes to .exe Intune is limited.... if you have the MSI version or MSI convert trick to convert and simply deployed from Intune will be ideal one....

besides the alternative can be to make is as .intune package.....
Yes I have tried a .intune package but I cant get the Install / uninstall commands correct! So annoying haa been working on this for a week and no further with it.
Hi, if you could send me the intunewin file I could test it .. got my test VM setup :)
Hi Rudy, thank you! I’m away till Tuesday I can send it you on Tuesday if you don’t mind?
Hi Rudy,

I am still struggling on this
Would the install command be: "prempro.msi" /qn or prempro.msi /qn
What would the uninstall command be?
The detection rule I have put: C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Creative Cloud\ACC\ (which I think also may be incorrect)

Error code Im getting: 0x800700C1

Thanks in advance!
Hi Rudy,

Any ideas what the uninstall command would be?
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I would go for this one


MsiExec.exe /X '{8CF1DABC-377C-4CD3-9F11-F23BBB491436}' /quiet


You can find the uninstall string in the register