Initial Company Portal Push to iPhones

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Hey all:


I'm looking to see if there's a way to get a faster initial push of apps to devices. We are deploying new iPhone 13 devices (iOS 17.1.1) purchased through an apple partner -> ABM->Intune. We are using dynamic groups to push devices into a config that gets them standard corporate apps (Word, Excel, Teams, a Payroll and timeclock app). Not a heavy payload.

When users go to the COmpany portal and log in, it is taking 30+ minutes to perform the delivery. No difference on Cell Data vs. WiFi.  Same rough delivery delay.


Is there a way we can look at to optimize /speed up this process? As we are trying to help our users, we end up waiting a long time before we can continue to the next step of our deployment process in getting them setup.


Any advise/Optimiza

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@rbrittonpalliativecareorg You'll have a faster response using Intune filters instead of Entra ID dynamic device groups. User-assigned policies/apps will also process faster than dynamic device group assignments.

@ENGlockling TYVM. Will give it a look. ;)

We just completed another group of ten devices. from sign in on company portal until final push of apps, it took 1.5 hours.

Of course, this is in a room with ten iphones and ten androids, lots of Radio Waves happening. It's possible that is adding to the difficulties (environmental factors).

Our local cell tower is very week, but being on WIFI doesn't seem to make it happen any quicker.

Will tinker with FILTERs as that seems to be the only proffered option to help with this.

TYVM all.