Information Policies - Disabling Downloading & Printing Outside a Corporate Network

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Hi Everyone, 


1st off, I am not a security expert or information policy expert, but we are trying to roll out O365 in our company and I was hoping someone could help me verify a few things ... 


When I was at ignite, one of the presentations we saw was around information policies. How you could lockdown users in the browser from downloading or printing. We throught this would be the silver bullet for a bunch of our problems.


See video below ... around 42 minutes ...


But when implementing O365, our company decided to lock down access to inside our corporate network for information security reasons. Ok ... I can go with that, but when it was suggested to restrict access by disabling printing and downloading (examples) from places like SharePoint and OneDrive, out IT providers said it was not possible. 


Can anyone confirm if this therory is true or false ... I am just having a hard time understanding what is possible and not possible in this O365 world. 



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That was dyn-o-mite. Thanks so much!

One thing to keep in mind, O365 is getting new features every week, sometime they are clearly announced, other times they are not. When your IT provider says something is not possible, it always pays to double/triple check because what was not possible last month may very well be possible now. A lot of the stuff shown at Ignite last September has been put into production, but a lot of it has not and even more stuff has been added to the roadmap.


There is a brand new video about Conditional Access in the blog article at which should be of interest.


If you want to get really educated about Info Protection, join the Yammer network at and you will be able to communicate with the MS team and experts from around the world. Some of them participate in this community, but not all of them do.

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