Inability to delete Autopilot devices leads to endless supply of never cleaned up devices in AAD

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I realize that the ability to delete Autopilot-enabled devices in Azure AD is by design, but I think I might be missing something.


In Microsoft Store for Business, or in Endpoint Manager under Devices > Enroll Devices > Windows Autopilot Devices - I have my true list of unique hardware devices that are registered for Autopilot.  I don't want to delete any of these that are not actually decommissioned.


The problem I'm seeing, is with either regular Autopilot or Hybrid Autopilot, since/when devices are getting named with random characters (which for Hybrid Autopilot cannot be changed), I end up with orphaned AAD devices that cannot be deleted from anywhere.  I haven't tested, but I believe with regular Autopilot, I could take advantage of the ability to always set the same device name.  If so, then this issue I'm reporting is only a thing for Hybrid Autopilot.


Is there any solution to delete old copies of the same machine.  For example, I've reset the device, now it has two instances in AAD which cannot be deleted, but still just one instance in the MS Business Store or under Autopilot Devices in Endpoint Manager.  If I again reset the device down the road, I'll have 3, and so on.


Any suggestions/clues?  Thanks in advance.



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