Importing the Purchase Order ID for an Autopilot Device

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I can see in the Windows Autopilot devices menu, there is a tab for 'Purchase Order'. I have searched what CSV headers would let you import this information but I cannot find the correct one? I did try 'OrderID' but that attaches the Purchase Order to the 'Group Tag'.


Please could someone advise what CSV header is required to import the Purchase Order with a device?





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Edit: The CSV header image shows the 'Purchase order ID' which I tried, but did not work
No, using OrderID only populates the Group Tag which is not what we want to use (unless the purchase order physically cannot be used?)
Never used it myself, to be honest, you could use the OrderID to store both?


This requires opening the CSV file and adding the order id to the end of the file and also modifying or removing the header,


try this 


Device Serial Number,Windows Product ID,Hardware Hash,Order ID

That's what was in the link I posted, but didn't try it myself... @JamesCHG, did you try that?

in my case we received the CSV file list from the OEM provider and once we uploaded the list the purchase number is listed there automatically 

adding to this, so on the OEM provider for example Dell, customer purchase a laptop from the portal directly and once he generated the Hardware hash, the purchase order ID is added automatically means Intune is reading it from the OEM provider portal.

@eliekarkafy using Order ID populates the Group Tag field, not Purchase Order

Correct, the purchase ID as per my experience its related to the OEM provider portal . And once u import the device to.intune it will read the purchase order from the OEM portal automatically
Ok I see what you are saying, so if you have pre-exisiting fleet that you wish to put into Intune, they will not be able to populate Purchase Order only OEMs can apply at time of purchase?
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Correct , its an OEM entry linked to the device during the purchsse process.
Got it, many thanks