Identify creator of Policies, Apps in Intune

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Is there any way we can find who is the creator/author of conditional access policies, compliance policies created in tenant. Under our team we have given Intune admin and global admin access to few members but I would like to know during monitoring who has worked on particular policies or modified the existing policy. As of now I do not see such author name in Intune console.

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Hi @SurajMalusare_8758,


By default it is not possible to see who is the creator or the conditional access policy. But you can check the audit logs who created/changed/deleted a conditional access policy, but keep in mind the audit logs is by default only for 30 days.


But one of the option what you can do is to enable an Azure Logic app to get notification in team.  Peter Klapwijk has written a blog post about it for the configuration changes, with a little bit of some tweaks it would also be possible for conditional access I think.

Get notified on Intune Configuration profile changes | In The Cloud 247


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@Mr_Helaas Thanks you shedding some light on this concern. Audit log is something I was aware of as of now but it would be exciting to know about Azure logic app. I will see the possibilities of implementing this solution in our environment after going through this blog.