Identify app architecture in Apps blade

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I've been working through a problem with Premier Support regarding pushing an app to our Surface Hubs. We eventually identified that I had pushed a version with the wrong CPU architecture, hence the constant failing.


When trying to assign VLC, it appears 4 times in the App list from the Microsoft Store for Business:


  • The one listed as just “VLC” is the online licensed version, which is not compatible with Surface Hub
  • The other 3 listed as “VLC [Windows.Universal]” are the x64, x86 and ARM offline licensed versions respectively

Unfortunately Intune does not give any identifiers as to which entry is for which version, and the Surface Hub can only use the x64 version.


However, despite thinking I had tried all of them at some point, it seems when reloading the list these can also change position, which meant when I thought I had tested all three, it’s likely I had just tested the same one twice at some point as they moved position within the main list.


Can we please have an app architecture column added to pull data from the MSfB so we can ensure we're pushing the correct app to users in future?




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