I need to access from youtube video only remaining think personal mail id blocked

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We are looking for only YouTube access remaining what personal email ID (Gmail, Yahoo, all social media sites blocked option is there and also watching with video per day limit time zone restricted option,if any specific single personal access Gmail enabled is there because if don't have attachment document, copy and paste (company data related docu, link subject disable policy option is not available on Intune.

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Conditional Access policies in Microsoft Intune allow you to control access to applications based on conditions such as device compliance, location, and user groups.

  1. Create a Conditional Access Policy:-
  • Go to the Azure portal.
  • Navigate to Azure Active Directory > Security > Conditional Access.
  • Create a new policy.
  • Specify the conditions under which access should be granted or denied.

Limiting Access to YouTube:

  • You can set conditions based on applications. However, keep in mind that directly restricting access to YouTube might be challenging. You may need additional solutions or services for more granular control.

The following link provides guidance on creating “Conditional Access policies



  1.  App Protection Policies:

App Protection policies in Intune can help protect company data accessed by apps, but it might not provide the granularity needed for restricting specific personal email access.

App Protection Policies:

Define policies to protect data within apps.

For example, you can restrict copy-paste operations between corporate and personal apps, but direct blocking of personal email access might not be available.


The following link provides guidance on creating "App Protection Policies."






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