i need help i'm new intune

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i  enroll all the school device as hybrid ad join 

the problem i facing  now 

if two user using the same pc on of the get the azureAdPrt=yes  AzureAdJoined=yes  DomainJoined=yes 

other one getting like this 

azureAdPrt=yes  AzureAdJoined=yes  DomainJoined=yes


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Hi @shreenhasan,


Could you please explain the issue further? I am sure we will be able to work this one out, but we need some more details to get going.


If you share a single device between multiple users I recommend that you have a look at these two articles. Does this help? 

Shared or multi-user device settings in Microsoft Intune - Azure | Microsoft Docs

Windows 10 shared device settings - Microsoft Intune - Azure | Microsoft Docs


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