Hybrid Azure AD Joined - Owner Column Blank

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Right off the bat, I already know that official MS documentation says that Hybrid Azure AD Joined devices do not have an Owner - https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/devices/device-management-azure-portal


However, I have an Azure AD environment with ~250 Hybrid Azure AD Joined devices. When I look at Devices in the portal, most of them show an Owner but a lot of them say N/A in the Owner column. At the same time, if I choose to look at things from the User perspective and go into the Devices blade under a specific user, most users show their associated devices. But, if the Owner column in the Device view shows no owner, then the Devices blade will be empty. This makes management of these devices a bit hit-or-miss and it leads to many questions from the bosses.


  1. Is this the way it's supposed to be or is there a way to fix it?
  2. Why aren't all devices functioning the same way?
  3. Would this be any better is the devices were Azure AD Joined?




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Hi ,DGM,

1. The Company Portal app sets the user account that signed in to the Company Portal during enrollment user as primary user of that device.
2. An Intune device can have zero or one primary user assigned to it. If the first user is not synced to AAD then the record is shown in Intune admin center as N/A.
3. You can use custom powershell scripts for bulk operations.

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Hi @DGMalcolm,


1. Not all devices are showing without owners because I think they were enrolled after MS updated MEM to sync the Primary User to the Device Owner. Have you tried to find the device in Intune and change the primary user? This should change the owner in Azure AD device blade. Try this url for large change.




2. As mentioned, I think they were enrolled after MS updated MEM to sync the Primary User to the Device Owner.


3. Azure AD joined is the way to go, you will simplify your device setup with AAD join not with this issue, with alot more than that. 

Hope this helps!


@Moe_Kinani- Thank you for your response.


All devices were enrolled in Intune between Jan 2022 and today. The device I've been referencing in this thread was enrolled on 1/12/2022. When I look at the device in Intune, I see that the "Primary User" and the "Enrolled by" are filled in with the appropriate user name. I checked several other devices and I see the same status - no owner in AAD but Primary User is populated in Intune.


Also, since I'm using HAADJ with the auto-enrollment GPO, I expected this to get filled in during first login as per the MS docs here:

  --  https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/intune/remote-actions/find-primary-user




After reviewing all of that, I took a shot at changing the Primary User and then putting it back. This fixed the issue as I now see an "Owner" in AAD but this isn't a tenable fix for >25% of the environment. Is there a way to force a sync of Primary User from Intune to AAD?


I have one device (which happens to be mine) out of 10 testing devices that shows no owner. They all have primary users, including mine. All have owners except mine. They were all registered after 02/01/2024. They all show Entra Hybrid Joined. They all show up in Intune.


Why does this happen and how can I set an owner?