How would I be able to remotely reset user passwords (mac and pc) if intune does not support?

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I know intune and azure only supports some versions of android and ios. We have both macs and win10 machines in use and was wondering about what methods we can use to remotely reset a laptops local password. All win10 pcs have the option to use biometric/pin and microsoft account password for login while the macs are using local accounts. Is there anyway admins are able to remotely reset/unlock users accounts on PCs and Macs? 

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Hi @keleka11,

For Windows device you can reset the password in Azure AD or AD. You can reset the Windows hello pin code from the Intune portal.

For macOS device is it not possible to reset the local password. You can take a look at Jamf for managing MacOS. Jamf can be integrated with Intune. But their are additional cost for Jamf 

Microsoft documentation for remote device actions:

Please let me know if you have more questions.

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When I select my windows devices, the password reset option is greyed out. The only devices where password reset through intune is supported are android devices ver 6.x or earlier, device owner android enterprise devices, and ios. everything else is not supported.

If I am wrong, please provide documentation on how I can reset a PC's password through intune.

You cannot reset the password from the Intune portal, you have to do it from the azure portal.

Microsoft documentation to reset a password of a user account: