How to use teams with only Intune company portal in the mobile devices?

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Hi, Friends.


If customer wants to use teams on mobile installed only intune company portal, how can we set up or make policy? I tried to make it, but it cannot work, and I'm confused which policy should make it.

Customer that are now using M365 E3 features, 

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So you are trying to only allow access to Teams when the Company Portal is installed?
That would mean when the device is enrolled?

I would create a Conditional Access policy then that requires a compliant device.

@Thijs Lecomte 


Hi, Thank you for your advice, let me have one question regarding your response.

Which compliant properties do you mention? 

If I see around Device compliance policies , there is Company Portal app runtime integrity in Device Security section, it describes that "Checks that the company portal app has the default runtime environment installed, is properly signed, is not in debug-mode, and was installed from a known source", you mean that option, right?




If you show any examples which you created or tested, can you share with me? 



That is one way to do it.

What I do sometimes is just assign a compliance policy to my MDM enrolled devices.
Because I only have corporate devices enrolled, I can assign a very basic compliance policy to my devices.