How to turn of safe search for chrome via intune

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Hi all,


How do I turn on safe search for google chrome through intune? 


Thanks in advance

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I would guess ingesting the admx and then something like this

Data type: String
Value: <enabled/>


When looking at the admx
<policy class="Both" displayName="$(string.ForceGoogleSafeSearch)" explainText="$(string.ForceGoogleSafeSearch_Explain)" key="Software\Policies\Google\Chrome" name="ForceGoogleSafeSearch" presentation="$(presentation.ForceGoogleSafeSearch)" valueName="ForceGoogleSafeSearch">
<parentCategory ref="googlechrome"/>
<supportedOn ref="SUPPORTED_WIN7"/>
<decimal value="1"/>
<decimal value="0"/>

Hi Rudy

Thank you just trying this now!