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How to set default dialer on Android via Intune?

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Hi there!


Looking for a pointer in the right direction!  I'm looking to find a way to change the phone 'dialer' app on a fully managed Android device (It's a Samsung Android 10 phone)

What we've done so far;


  • Enrolled the device as fully managed (no work profile)
  • Pushed out our preferred dialer app (Ringcentral)
  • Pushed out an uninstall assignment for the Samsung default dialer (by adding the package as an enterprise system app in Endpoint Manager)

This has got us partway.  Inside apps like Outlook, tapping on a phone number will push us over to Ringcentral to make the call.  However in other apps (like the built-in Samsung contacts app), it still uses the Samsung dialer despite it being 'uninstalled' (obviously not truly uninstalled, just the primary icon for it has been removed).


If I take a look in the settings on the handset, and head over to look at the default apps screen, for dialer, it shows 'none' !  Obviously I could set it manually here, but I'd like to figure out a way to 'push' the configuration.


Any ideas on how to make this happen, greatly appreciated! :)


Many thanks!


Mark Lomas

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@MPLomas Did you find the answer to this I am also looking to change the default Dialer via Intune.



Dont know if this would work but its worth a try? To create an app protection policy and define the diailer app?




Hello all,

We have the same problem. Unfortunately Rudys tip does not work.

Has anybody a solution?