How to revoke elevation rights quickly in Endpoint Privilege Management?

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We plan to use Endpoint Privilege Management for our users to get temporary rights to elevate access on their local client via my access packages. I have created 2 settings policies to achieve this: One that denies all elevations with all users assigned to and a second one that allows elevation for a specific group of users. This specific group of users is excluded from the "deny" group in the corresponding deny-policy.

When a user is in the "grant" group he/she is able to elevate, perfect. But when I remove the corresponding user from the "grant" group, it takes hours until the elevation access is revoked. Any ideas what I can do to speed up this? Sometimes, a reboot helps, but not always.


Thanks for your support!

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Hi Samuel,

That’s expected behaviors for now, you might be luck if takes few hours, I have seen it taking few days. The feature is still in preview and may improve in the future.

yep 4.... hours ... not the 8 hours that we could get with the default intune sync...but with the mmpc sync we got 4 hours :)