How to restrict deployment of application/policies etc based of Computer Type

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Hello All,


Is there a way to identify if target system is desktop or laptop. 


Once identified , we can deploy our application or policies to them.



Only option i could think is to put in logic in application to check for device type and then perform task or skip it.


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The only possible options that I can think of and which are available out of the box are Device filters and azure AD groups based on device models.

Agree with the comment above. I do it with Dynamic Membership based on device Model. So I use Dell, Optiplex for Desktop and Latitude for Laptop as an example, you may still have an issue with model like Precision because they come Desktop and Laptop.

It's too bad that you can't query it like the WMI filters in Group Policy management in Active Directory, you could create one querying the presence of a battery. If there was one, that it's a laptop otherwise it's a desktop :)
Agree. Hoping to have some custom fields in intune that will be helpful for many scenerio.