How to Remove the administrator autopilot machine

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Hi All,
I was created to autopilot policy for Administrator account. it the policy working is good.

I have added the device list Intune portal.
But, some user restrict the administrator rights. 

How to control the user install  the software? 

please guide to me how to create the policy.

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Could you explain yourself a little bit better?

If I understand it correctly You have configured autopilot and you made sure your users are no local admin. And you want to know how you can let your users install software? Or do you mean something completly else :)?
Thank you for your update,
I have little doubt.

I did create the policy for autopilot Administrator's account. the user is administrator account on the windows 10 laptop.
All users add the autopilot policy in administrator account.

Some users how to remove to administrator rights on the laptop?

How to add to new local administrator account in all windows 10 laptop?

Then how to control the All user install the software?


You could start by reading this blog about admin's