How to remove App managed device

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The same device is shown multiple times in Microsoft admin center > Devices > Active devices > App managed. If I select one of them and click on "remove company data", the device remains there even the following message appears: "Company data removal requested. After data is removed, the device won't appear in this list". How can I remove these records?

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Have you tried removing the devices from Azure AD Portal ( Devices?


I too would like to know how to remove "App managed" devices from the Devices menu of the Microsoft Admin 365 portal. The devices are removed via Intune and Azure. Cannot find powershell commands to remove App managed devices. Quite annoying that we cannot remove App managed devices that were not fully managed by Office 365 or Intune. Devices have been removed in Intune via Wipe or deleted from Azure AD, what ever remnants of the device was left there. After clicking Remove Company Data, which it will not remove due to the device being deleted elsewhere, will not remove the device.

I have a bunch of old BYOD android devices listed here too with no way to remove them.

The wipe command only seems to work if the device is still active and the account is signed in. If the device was reset or the app removed manually then it just stays stuck in pending mode indefinitely. These devices aren't listed in AAD or endpoint manager - only in the 365 Admin Center > Devices > App managed. I can also see old devices in MEM>Apps>Android Apps>relevant app>Device install status> - and I can locate it's Intune device ID if i make that column visible..

Not sure how i can remove that though or if it's the right thing to do.

FWIW, This can also be done in Endpoint/Intune admin center > Apps > App Selective Wipe. You can cancel any pending wipes there too.

*Update- I think these devices get removed automatically if they haven't checked in for 90 days.