How to register a laptop device in Endpoint Manager without unbox?

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Is there a way to register a laptop device to Endpoint Manager without unbox and beeing a CSP partner? Please check the attachment - I see the following information on the box label.


I did make some reasearch and see, that usually if you are a CSP its possible to do the device registration over the Microsoft Partner Center - without unboxing before.

Another way is to let the manufactorer (in our case Lenovo) to do the device registration.


But im interested in to know, if there is a way to do by ourself, without beeing a CSP Partner and unbox the laptop. Thank you.

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Hi Busto,

You need the hardware ID to enroll the device in Intune, if you don’t want to go over OOBE, you can try the article below (you still have to unbox)

Let the manufacturer to add it is the best option, it saves alot of time.
Ok, i see. Thank you for the reply Moe.