How to managed IOS OS 10.0 -11.0 with Modern authentication

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Scenario: Client has existing iPhone's already in use - 90% use native iOS App - We want to force these devices into MDM Enrollment (via Intune) and Force them to use MS Outlook APP.


Currently, 50+ devices are between 10 and 11 OS version. Rest are 11+ 


Need to move all these IOS users for modern auth before Oct 2020 without any business impact.



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I would setup your entire Intune environment first with all the policies you desire + configuration for the Outlook app (app configuration policy, so all the settings are configured for a user).

Document everything and announce users should move to the new MDM system.
Put an end date for the migration.

At that end date, enable conditional access policies to require a compliant device/ approved app for Office 365