How to help maintain security compliance

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This is the last post in our eight-blog series on deploying Intelligent Security scenarios. To read the previous entries, check out the Deployment series page.




Your employees need to access, generate, and share organizational information ranging from extremely confidential to informal; you must ensure that all information and the movement of that information comply with industry standards without inhibiting workflow. Microsoft 365 security solutions can help you know what’s happening with your data, set permissions and classifications, and discover and help prevent leaks.


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Thanks Dylan,

The Microsoft Security Compliance Manager has become central in the discussion for both Office 365 and Microsoft 365 here in the UK purely because of GDPR. The shared responsibility model is going down well, particularly amongst SMB's which don't have the resources to manage compliance controls. It makes it easier for them to focus on users. That and secure score are really the entry point for AIP, PIM, MFA, etc.

Best, Chris