How to get devices showing up in Azure Portal Intune ... After migration from Old Intune

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I was migrated from the Old Intune to the Azure Portal Intune this past weekend.  Will the enrolled devices automatically show up in the Azure Portal Intune or do desktops need to be re-enrolled?


I did the MDM setup however my devices are already Azure AD Joined.  So what triggers the re-enrollment?

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MDM enrolled devices will definitely show up. For Windows devices, Azure AD joined only and Intune agent computers will not. No info button can indicate that the MDM enrollment was not completed.

So how do I get the "Windows devices, Azure AD joined only and Intune agent computers" to show up in the Azure portal?

Here were my steps for win10 devices (1703 and 1709).

1. Setup a MDM enrollment (in Azure AD).  I used a DYNAMIC group type.

2. Remove device from Intune Classic.  It takes about 1:15 for the local Intune agents to de-install.

3. Remove from Azure AD Join.  (My devices are all AD Joined). 

4. Re-do the Azure AD Join.  My system will automatically (MDM) add to Azure Intune when a device is AD Joined.

5. Logon with the users o365 ID.  In my case, I create a local ID, do the AD JOIN on that local ADMIN ID, joining with an o365 ADMIN ID.  Otherwise the o365 ID that does the AD JOIN becomes a local administrator.

6.  It can take 1 or more hours for the newly joined device to be listed as compliant.


Using this process, the users o365 local profile settings remained in place and were used again when the device was re-AD JOIN'ed.  

For iOS ... I installed Intune Company Portal from the iOS app store.  I had no iOS devices prior to this, on Intune.  

Downside is ... This was a manual operation.  I touched every device to complete this process.