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how to find out what policy contains specific setting - like gpresult

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I am looking for a way to get information about in which object in Intune (configuration profile, compliance setting etc.) specific setting was configured. On Windows 10 I can see e.g. in registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\PolicyManager\current\device what settings are applied from Intune but it is not possible to get info from which exact intune object (configuration profile, compliance setting etc.). 

In gpresult you can get information from which exact GPO object setting is

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Hi @henrykbelko,

there are some methods to find out which policy contains a specific setting in Intune but these methods can't replicate the exact functionality of gpresult in Group Policy, but still they can offer valuable insights into how settings are applied in Intune.

  1. Settings Catalog:
    Use the Settings Catalog within Intune, which comprehensively outlines configurable settings.
    Create a policy using settings catalog in Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Learn

  2. PowerShell:
    Use PowerShell to retrieve all assigned Intune policies and applications per Azure AD group.
    This method provides insight into configuration profiles assigned to Azure Active Directory groups.
    Use PowerShell to retrieve all assigned Intune policies and applications per Azure AD group! - Micro...

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Leon Pavesic

Running the mdmdiagnostics tool will give you some information (the same info you spotted in the current\device) registry key
But having a mapping of which registry setting corresponds with which intune policy is going to be difficult. Thats why good naming convention on the policy are good to have and not having 1 big policy with all the settings in it .. (at least in my opinion :) )