How to enroll and configure Outlook on all Android devices?

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I am evaluating whether Intune can help us manage our Android devices. Our policy and goal is th following:

  • Our users have Android devices.
  • Every device must be enrolled with Android for Work.
  • Inside it, Outlook must be installed and configured.
  • The user must not be asked to enter his username or password.

What I did so far:

  • Linked our managed Google Play account to Intune.
  • Allowed Device enrollment > Android for Work enrollment > Enrollment restrictions to Android for Work platforms only.


The next step is to force the installation of Outlook. This is where I'm already having a hard time.


I have two options in adding an app:


(1) Approve Outlook in the managed Google Play Store. Then go to Mobile Apps > Apps, click on Microsoft Outlook, go to Assignments and add the security group I want to require the installation. What surprises me is that with this option I have to work with Azure AD security groups and that I am unable to select all users or all devices, as I can do in the second option.


(2) Go to Mobile Apps > Apps. Click on Add. Select built-in app. Select Microsoft Outlook (Android). Go to Assignments. Here I am actually able to select all users or all devices instead of having to deal with Azure AD security groups.


Now, option 1 was working. However, the user is able to remove Outlook and reinstalling it is a bit cumbersome. Option 2 didn't work at all. What is the recommended approach here?


The next step was to configure Outlook, so the user doesn't have to enter his credentials a second time. (He already entered his credentials in the Company Portal). How would I go about that?

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