How to disable TOAST notification for superseded application?

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I have an app that we deploy silently through intune.  Install/uninstall toast notifications are turned OFF.
However, when I supersede the app with a new version, and tell intune to UNINSTALL the previous version 1st (in the supersede process) it sends a TOAST to the user telling them the original package has been uninstalled.

If I send just an 'uninstall' and do NOT supersede the app, hide TOAST, the app is uninstalled and the user see's no message as expected.

How do I tell Intune to be SILENT on supersede, as well?? (YES / to uninstall previous application question)

apologies for multiple edits.  Laptop internet and I are not getting along this morning.

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Hi @RadicalGnat 


Intune didn't provide a native, out-of-the-box solution to suppress the toast notifications specifically for superseded apps. The built-in controls for toast notifications apply to direct installs and uninstalls but not to the supersede process.


Please consider other solutions as:

- manual supersedence (install the new app and uninstall the old one)

- custom script (to detect the previous version and proceed with the uninstall)

- script remediations (to detect the old version and proceed with the uninstall)