How to disable Android Developer options? (BYOD)

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Hi folks


Ran into a pickle with trying to disable Developer options on Android for the Personally owned devices aka BYOD, but at least from Configuration policies I did not find this option - there was a way to disable USB debugging which is not quite it.


There seems to be an option under OEMConfig (with Samsung Service Plugin) but we currently do not have a Premium license even though the Debug mode seems to not require it. Right now the policy returns an error even though I have the app and policy in place seemingly as its supposed to be. Step 1: Microsoft Intune - Add to UEM (



At least based on the Google documentation for Android device management it seems that this option should be supported for Mobile device management: Apply settings for Android mobile devices - Google Workspace Admin Help


I have also taken a look at Fully managed configuration options but there does not seem to be any reference to Developer options but rather indications to Debug mode which I would guess is the same thing? Android Enterprise device settings in Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Docs But if at all possible I would rather resolve this option within the BYOD model. 


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I see that your post is from two years ago, and you were seeking assistance with disabling Android Developer options for BYOD devices. I hope you were able to find a solution since then.
Managing Developer options on Android devices can be a bit challenging, especially in a BYOD setup. If you haven't already, you might want to explore OEMConfig and the Samsung Service Plugin for disabling Developer options. While certain features might require a Premium license, Debug mode might not need it.
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