How to Deploy Applications On-Demand to only a few users or devices

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We've migrated off of ConnectWise Automate and what I miss the most is setting up application install scripts (which we can do in Intune) but being able to just sort devices/users, select a few, then run the script on them on either a schedule or on-demand.

With Intune everything is by groups so if we need to patch an application, we have to create a group, add all the devices, but not everyone may need that application update and keeping all of these groups updated is a pain.  We can't use dynamic.


We'll have the same issue as we're moving to Intune Update Rings where we only want to do 20 devices at a time so we can monitor them.  Can't just pick first page of 30 devices and apply, have to create groups.


We have so many groups now it's getting out of hand.  Is there any workaround to do on-demand to select devices and/or schedule these?

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If you're keeping track of devices yourself and you know which you want to target, you can use bulk device actions for targeted commands.

For On-Demand app deployment, I suggest taking advantage of Company portal. You can assign apps as available per user groups (I use dynamic user groups to separate out our company). Those users can then go to the comp portal website to request and install the app on their device.

For updates, I suggest using dynamic groups to section out groups for deployment. It saves you time from having to manually add all devices yourself each time.