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How to create shortcuts on desktop for office apps

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Hi All. 


I have deployed office via intune and want to create shortcuts for the apps on the desktop how do I do this? 


Thanks in advance

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Hi @AB21805 ,


There are multiple option how you can create desktop shortcuts for office apps.

E.g. You can the Powershell script option, Remediation scripts or an application that create the desktop shortcuts. 


Microsoft documentation how to create a PowerShell script policy
Add PowerShell scripts to Windows 10/11 devices in Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Docs


Micrsoft documentation for Proactive remediations
Tutorial - Proactive remediations - Microsoft Endpoint Manager | Microsoft Docs


Microsoft documentation for Win32 applications in Microsoft Intune

Win32 app management in Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Docs


You can pick one of the following blogs where they explain how create the shortcuts.


- command line - How to create a shortcut using PowerShell - Stack Overflow

Create Shortcuts on Desktops using Powershell | | Dotnet Helpers (

- Creating desktop shortcuts with Intune - nicolonsky tech

- Deploy a desktop shortcut for a Microsoft Store app with Intune - Device Advice

- Deploy Internet Shortcut with custom icon via Intune using Win32App (

- Deploy Web Link Shortcuts to the Desktop and Start Menu Using Intune – The Lazy Administrator


Please let me know if this has helped you with the creation of the desktop shortcuts and please mark my answer then as a solution.

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Is it possible to deploy apps and scripts in a certain order using in-tune? I have written a script that puts shortcuts of the 365 apps on the desktop, but the script should be executed right after the 365 apps are deployed, not before. Now I just have blank shortcuts. Thank you.

Hi @Gert_Bleus,


unfortunately that is not possible with PowerShell scripts. What you can do is create a Win32 app with the Office 365 app installer. 


Deploy the Office 365 Apps in Intune with a Win32App (


and a PowerShell script to your win32 app and install first office and second step to create shortcuts.


Other method is use Proactive remediation scrips and check in your detection script if office is already installed.


Not the best solutions but you can check if this works for you.


Kind regards,