How to convert exe to win32

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 Hi, Everyone 

I have convert exe to win32 applicaton, I have two application convert after the this application upload the Endpoint mananger, I have assing the two groups. but stil this application not installed the user laptop, error code come the application, i have changed the install cmd and uninstall cmd changed. its not working. 
I have Win32  convert tool used, that tool convert the exe application, I'm added the intune, I don't know the install and uninstall cmd.  

I have read the artricals for the win32 application in microsoft document, But not help full the articals 

also i have rise the ticket for microsoft. but not fix the issue.

How to convert exe application, How to upload the intune protal.

Any one guys could you please help me!!



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Start by testing the application install and uninstall on a reference machine, you should be able to install and uninstall the application with the same commands used in the application deployment. i.e. cmd, navigate to the exe folder and run the install command.

Once you have install/uninstall working also take not of any detection information, registry/file and folder locations as you will need this in Endpoint Manager.
I have made it command but user side not install application. I did understand the command.
Hello, are you deploying the apps as required or as available from the Company Portal?
Is the app assigned to devices or users? If you do not have an active PRT the app will not be installed due to conditional access and MFA.

This apps available the company portal. I have assigned the user?. I have already given the access.
Hello, what detection method do you use? Can you post a printscreen of it?








I have tried this kind of detection. I have put screeshot regarding it.
i have added the device group.



Would you give any demo from scratch? If there is any possible to give demo, please let me know,






It looks like you are on the right track here. Could you please take a screenshot of the detection settings (click 'edit' detection settings) so that we can see the specific settings applied?