How to Block Users Adding Personal Samsung Accounts

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We are implementing fully managed Android enrollment on Samsung devices.  InTune allows the disabling of adding google accounts, but nothing for Samsung accounts.  


An employee can add their own personal Samsung Account to a device so when they are terminated, we can't wipe the device.  We OWN these devices.  We MANAGE these devices, yet we can't reuse them if we terminate an employee.


What do we do as admins to stop this from happening?



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For corporate owned fully managed devices, consider implementing Intune with KME, per this link: How to setup Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment with Microsoft Intune.


There seems to be some account blocking options shown here: How to block the addition of unmanaged accounts on devices.


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I'm assuming the Samsung Knox Mobile enrollment requires us to purchase Knox Enterprise which we don't own?
We have already enrolled over 55 cellphones too so we can't now have to wipe these.

@luvsql Did you manage to find a solution for this?