How excempt an non microsoft application in Intune MAM to be a managed application

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Hello colleagues 


I am new in this forum and if there is anyone who had the same problem then me in MS Intune it will be great to discuss . Since May i work in a global prpject for my company to configure MS Intune for all mobil devices. Thisd is also working good but there are some problems with non Microsoft applications. A requirement will be to allow to copy paste from an managed app like outlook to Salesforce Chatter app but this is not working. Do you know or do you have an idea what is neccesary to open salesforce Chatter app "com.saleforce.chatter as a managed App? 

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If you are using app protection policy and you are restricting the copy past functionality. the only option you have is Policy Managed Apps. And for that the app must support the core protection policy settings

And so far as I know... salesforce isn't one... and you can't exempt that app in the copy past functionality