How do Windows updates work out of the box?

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We are curious how the Windows update is working out of the box. Because what is required to setup and what will work out of the box?


We see inside MEM updates like W10/W11, Feature updates, Quality updates and Driver updates.


For example:

- I have bought a new Windows Professional machine, will this out of the box already automatically keep installing all updates?

- I connect this device to a clean Microsoft Tenant with Intune, there is nothing configured regarding these updates. Will it then still automatically update all these things?

- I configure a Update Ring, but do not configure features, quality nor driver policies. Will it now still update all features, quality updates and drivers for this system or will it not?

- When configuring a feature policy, will the device then be forced to update to this version and still install newer versions, or will this device stop at this feature update?

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